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Dave Wassel

In ’97, I finished college and was faced with the “what now scenario”. I sat down with the Hawaii @Volcom Rep #ClintMoncata and he came up with the idea of riding waves 2 ft bigger ever year. Fair enough, I was already surfing 10 ft Pipeline and looked forward to the challenge. Fast forward 17 years, 34 ft plus 10, and I’m on track for 47 ft surf. This wave is from ’12 and measured 53ft. For the first time since college, I’m ahead of the curve. #ImTrueToThis @volcomsurf @bodyglove53 @electricvisual @creaturesofleisure @wrv1967 #SteepAndDeep via Instagram

Dave Wassel

#DukeKahanamoku. #HauʻoliLāHānau. #HappyBirthday. #TheDuke.

Hawaiʻi has produced and continues to produce no shortage of world class watermen. Two though, instantly take their place as being our most honored and revered cultural heroes, Eddie Aikau and this man here, Duke Kahanamoku, who celebrates his birthday today.

Born August 24, 1890, Duke Kahanamoku would go on to win Olympic fame from 1912 to 1920 and was still able to compete with the best in the 1924 Olympics. An ambassador of Hawaiʻi and aloha, Duke Kahanamoku’s
life of achievements are an inspiration that we all can take strength from.

In an interesting naming story, Mrs. Mary Kawena Pukui shared how “The Duke” received his name: “The Duke of Edinburgh, came sometime during the reign of Kamehameha IV [Alexander Liholiho]. He was well entertained by royalty here. Among those close to Bernice Bishop was a man named Kahanamoku and his wife. It so happened that a son was born to them then and, to commemorate the visit of the Duke, Bernice Bishop named the baby Duke. The famous swimmer, Duke Kahanamoku, is the oldest son of the Duke named by Bernice Pauahi Bishop.” [M.K.P. Notes, CU-10]

E ola mau ʻo Duke Paoa Kahanamoku! The Bishop Museum archives hold the Kahanamoku Collection. It was bequeathed to the Museum by Nadine Kahanamoku, Duke Kahanamoku’s wife. via Instagram

Dave Wassel

The Mavericks Ice Bucket Challenge. This day the water temp was below 55•, the set waves were above 55ft, and this little insider back up wave got me thru the semifinal. As far as the actual #ALS challenge, I wasn’t that excited to see people pouring water on their heads. I’ll admit, I was a bit confused. However, I did just read on USAToday that the stunts have raised almost 42 million $ in about 3 weeks and that isn’t confusing, that’s Awesome! via Instagram