Photos from the pros of Teahupoo, the thickest wave out there. Every pro’s dream, and every weekend warrior’s nightmare.

Shane Dorian

Gabriel Medina has more #haters than any surfer I can think of. I can’t believe the amount of shit talking that has been aimed at this kid. A kid who is 20 years old and beat Kelly fair and square in the final at giant #Teahupoo || I am so pumped to see someone new stepping up against the best, leading the ratings and taking scalps under immense pressure. It’s rad that he is patriotic and doing it with his whole country behind him. In my opinion he killed it at Teahupoo and deserved to win. Exciting times for surfing, and as a fan I can’t wait to see the title race unfold! Hopefully Kelly and JJF will continue their incredible form as well

Kelly Slater

Well…I’m not quite sure how to download and convey what transpired this past week. One day #RayKurzweil will figure out a device to just tap our brains and download #PostSurf all of our memories in photo form but until then I’ll start loading the feed with this