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Joe Vickers

Surfery Rhymes pg 21… Neighborhood Barrels
Have you ever been out
On a neighborhood walk
And you and your doggy
Are having a little talk
When all of a sudden
Out of nowhere
You see a low hanging branch
On the sidewalk right there
And instead of going around
Your mind starts to wonder
And you tuck into a stance
And duck right under
And for a few seconds
(Or however long you’d please)
You’re deep in a tube
Getting barreled there with ease
And during that time
You were’nt ducked under a tree
You were oh so pitted
At Cloudbreak down in Fiji
And the neighbors don’t know
As they puzzle through their window
That to you you’re stalling hard
Cause you’re way deep in Indo
And your doggy stares at you
(Cause this happens time to time)
While you think you’re deep
On the Northshore at Pipeline
And as you pop out
Of a flawless barrel ride
And you stand back up
And open your two eyes
You look at your doggy
And continue your little talk
Cause now you’re feeling pretty good
On this neighborhood walk
Salty Sleepy on (Monday) afternoons… via Instagram

Iki Yasuo

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