CJ Hobgood

Glad I’m not a judge @bethanyhamilton would be getting a 10 every wave!! All these girls on the @wsl have another gear. I saw the same thing with @mfanno it was about a 4 year process but something just clicks @rissmoore10 put on the best performance of her life this week, on a wave that was meant to be a weak spot for her. Safe to say it’s now a strength 💪🏼 proud of you girl. via Instagram

Kelly Slater

Obviously people are up in arms here. This is in no way an endorsement of this kind of crap. Amazing people still have animals captive and make em do tricks even today. And this photo is obviously about 50 years old so settle no need to get all upset. via Instagram

CJ Hobgood

Got the call up!!! Super stoked to be on the other side in @rissmoore10 corner watching her rip this week #fijipro Says a lot about her coming off another World title and constantly finding ways she can improve hopefully I can help 😬
Bula vinaka Carrisa and @redbull_surfing for making this happen. via Instagram